Revolutionary solution for batteries efficiency
 /5.1.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
The active battery management system for electric and hybrid vehicles is a global innovation that strongly improves the efficiency of batteries, significantly shortens the charging time and minimizes energy losses.
In the past three years, company REC has been establishing itself on the domestic and global market as an innovative and developmentally advanced provider of battery management systems (BMS) – electronic devices that ensure that individual battery cells function correctly, protect the battery from overcharging and getting too drained, ensure functioning in a suitable temperature environment and equalize the capacities of individual cells that are a consequence of aging and differences in manufacture.

A longer life expectancy …

BMS significantly extends the life expectancy of battery cells and batteries themselves, and consequently ensures significant savings to users. It is mostly meant for integration into hybrid and electric vehicles - vessels, planes, cars and motorcycles. It is also indispensable in various test and autonomous systems, such as solar power stations or wind farms, and everywhere where energy is stored in lithium batteries.

…and indispensable advantages before the competition

To a certain extent, the competitors of company REC are battery manufacturers, who mostly only search for solutions for controlling their own accumulators, which aren’t meant to be sold independently as individual components. Compared to them and other providers of similar devices, REC’s BMS has numerous advantages:
  • The possibility of balancing with a greater current (up to 1.3 A)
  • Incredibly low consumption of electrical energy
  • High measurement accuracy of each cell
  • Measuring temperature of each individual cell
  • User-friendly display of parameters on an LCD touchscreen that can be built into any cockpit. 

The brains of the system, individually adjusted to clients’ wishes

Algorithms implemented into BMS enable cells to equalize and consequently accelerate the process of battery charging. The device could be described as the “brains” of the entire system, as it connects and communicates with the electric engine controller as well as the charger, monitors the charging of battery cells from various sources (from an electric network or solar cells), and monitors how much energy the user can take from the battery. Besides the afore-mentioned technological solutions, another key advantage of company REC compared to its competitors is also that it offers custom configurations for clients, including additional programming and customization of a specific system, software development, warranty and user-friendly control of the battery system on a personal computer or LCD display.

Honda, Sunseeker, Greenline and other esteemed customers

Company REC is currently exporting its solutions into 11 European countries and simultaneously strengthening its presence on the American market. It is equipping various vehicles with its BMS devices, including mobile labs in Swiss police and customs cars, and the motorcycles of the manufacturer Honda Motors. They are developing and manufacturing the electronic equipment for the American solar glider Sunseeker, while their system BMS is also controlling energy storage of larger photovoltaic stand-alone systems in Germany. On the domestic market, their biggest customer is the company Seaway, which is using BMS to equip hybrid boats Greenline. The company is also collaborating in development projects of companies SiEVA, Institute Metron, Enstroj, LZ design, Pfeifer Invent Systems, Elaphe, Custom North etc.

New development achievement – global innovation AMBS

Incredible professional competence and focus on solving user problems have led company REC to a new development achievement, namely the battery management system with active energy transfer between individual battery cells. The global innovation, which currently doesn’t yet have any real competition, is already prepared for marketing on the global market. Compared to the “passive” BMC, the active battery management system (ABMS) strongly improves the efficiency of battery cells, significantly shortens the charging time and nearly eliminates energy losses. Because it enables the transfer of energy from a battery cell with a bigger charge to a cell with a lesser charge or, rather, from the battery package with more energy to a battery with less energy, the losses are minimal and the entire process ensures 95 % efficiency.

Extended functioning even in the discharge cycle

Beside the strongly improved charging efficiency, ABMS also extends the functioning of the battery in the discharge cycle. In a classical control system, the discharge cycle stops when the system senses that the cell with the lowest charge falls under the borderline value. In this case, ABMS transfers the energy from the entire battery package into the cell with the smallest charge and thus ensures the user an extended functioning of the battery cycle. REC will follow the highest expert standards even when manufacturing the system ABMS, as the aluminium housing and external waterproof connections will efficiently protect the electronic device from external mechanical and weather influences.

Promising forecasts

Same as with BMS, the company will market the new product through the recommendations from satisfied clients, at fairs and on their key promotional channel – their own website. In order to establish themselves on the German market, they will continue with successful collaboration with a local distributer. All the advantages of the new product ABMS and the fact that it currently doesn’t yet have any real competition, will surely help company REC realize their set vision – become a 100 percent exporter and established development partner of manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles in Europe and North America.

Opinions from satisfied users

”First of all I want to thank you for cooperation and fast software development before your vacation – it works perfectly... Once again, I want to thank you for the really good BMS and even better technical support.”
BMZ Poland Sp., Polland
”The Drug analyses car is working perfectly… great job to you and Tine.”
Lanz Polizei und Einsatzfahrzeuge, Switzerland
“I have to say the service has been exceptional, and I am currently writing about my experience on some forums. REC BMS will be highly recommended.” 
Trond Rosvik, Norway



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