Safe self-treatment and medicine supply
The application CheckMeApp offers safe, professional and custom self-treatment of some of the more frequent health problems, when contact with a doctor or a pharmacist isn’t possible. 
According to the latest research, more than 70 percent of web users browse the World Wide Web for immediate information concerning health and health advice. The reasons behind this are numerous, from a lack of time and bad mobility of the patients to the difficulty of access to a doctor. Some users of health services want a more discrete and thorough treatment of their problems, while others wish to decide themselves in what way and with which medications they will treat their everyday problems.

The internet can mislead us and distance us from professional help

We find a lot of health information on the web, but a layman can hardly interpret them correctly or use them in their exact case. Due to a lack of professional support we are thus too frequently exposed to aggressive marketing messages, amateur forum advice and false promises from non-verified manufacturers of dubious products. In addition to all that, blindly searching for information on the Internet takes a long time and often leads the user to fearful and erroneous self-diagnoses.
Problems caused by incorrect use of medication are also becoming increasingly more frequent, and wrong self-treatment can even complicate the success of further treatment, especially if we seek professional help far too late, are the key problems with the self-treatment decision of modern users as explained by doctor of pharmacy Miha Vivoda, the idea and expert leader of the application CheckMeApp, as well as founder and CEO of company In Silico, which will test launch the previously mentioned application to the Slovenian market next month.

Buying wrong medication because of an advertisement

Long years of work in the private family-owned pharmacy caused Dr Vivoda to get the idea for developing an application that would ensure professional support with health problems that we try to treat with non-prescription medicines but don’t seek professional help from various reasons. The doctor noticed that patients ask about certain products more and more, even though they hadn’t consulted about their use with a professional. In certain cases, the use of those products could even harm them, and the reason behind their choice mostly lies in increasingly more aggressive marketing messages and information.

Tailored to the user’s needs, always and everywhere

Company In Silico has a clear vision of helping people and offering an innovative health tool that gives a high level of professional support needed for choosing the optimal method of self-treatment of everyday problems, anywhere and at any time. The company has thus spent the last two years developing the application CheckMeApp. As the CEO explains, it’s a first tool of this sort that takes into account various characteristics of the basic health problem, such as its intensity, duration and accompanying symptoms, while at the same time also considers other key health characteristics of an individual – age, gender, concomitant medication, various physiological peculiarities, such as pregnancy or breast-feeding, as well as chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc.  

By today, the application CheckMeApp includes more than 67 health substances, 388 different symptoms and 776 different indications.

Can I treat myself?

“Due to an advanced algorithm and our own expansive database of medication and medical conditions, the application CheckMeApp is the first on the global market to provide comprehensive treatment of some of the most frequent health problems, tailored to the user’s needs. The latter will be able to simply find out if they can treat certain symptoms by themselves or if it is maybe necessary to visit a professional for the treatment of their condition. In cases when self-treatment isn’t recommended, the app will notify the users that they shouldn’t treat the symptoms on their own, and will simultaneously enable them to quickly contact a professional – a doctor or a pharmacist, via Internet or a smartphone. The patient will consequently have the option of a doctor or a pharmacist continuously monitoring their health state and treatment success. At the same time, we will provide more rational and safer use of medication, since the app will also help users choose and buy the most appropriate product,” Dr Miha Vivoda lists the basic use values and competitive advantages of the app.

Simple use for a layperson and their closest

The app, designed as a simple user interface, is primarily meant for users who wish to treat themselves in a certain situation, but they need individually tailored professional and independent help. The interface leads even a completely amateur user through individual phases of professional treatment in a simple and understandable way. First, the patient defines their problem in detail, as well as enters any health peculiarities and current medication into the app. The entire process, monitored and led by an innovative professional algorithm, finally gives the user the crucial information they need for deciding on a treatment method, or refers them to a professional if self-treatment isn’t recommended. An individual who isn’t seeking custom help for themselves but also for those closest to them can create profiles for individual family members and find the most suitable treatment for them as well.

(Super)saturated offer that can confuse us

Company In Silico and its application CheckMeApp are entering the market of web providers of professional health support and non-prescription medicines, offered by forums with health content, web pharmacies, and many web and mobile applications. “Despite the apparent oversaturation of these types of solutions, a user can quickly see that they mostly provide only general, generic descriptions of symptoms or diseases, which usually doesn’t help the users find their exact problem. In reality, it can actually even confuse them or unnecessarily scare them. Even web pharmacies, which work under the principle of self-service terminals, ask the users to decide on the most effective and safest medication by themselves, which is completely inappropriate,” describes Dr Vivoda the current market conditions.

A huge market and 5 % of web sales

When asked to evaluate the market, Dr Vivoda states that the global market of OTC medication (non-prescription medicines) was valuated at 55 billion EUR in the year 2010. “Despite the incredible size and depth of the market, the share of web sales is estimated at about 5 percent. The reason for this relatively low percentage still lies in the lack of professional internet support, which potentially gives a big advantage to the CheckMeApp application. We also mustn’t forget about specific international and national legislation, and the large moral, ethical and professional responsibility of healthcare providers. We have researched all this in our company already, and thoroughly prepared ourselves, so that the application CheckMeApp will also importantly contribute to improving professional healthcare support over the internet, even that of the already existing providers of health services,” are the last mosaic parts in the plans for global breakthrough of CheckMeApp, as listed by the CEO.

The basic version for free

Company In Silico is already planning for the basic version of the application to be free for users. They wish for it to help as many users as it can, since compared to the competitive solutions, CheckMeApp will offer a truly wide range of functionalities. Potential additional payments will only be connected to more in-depth consultations with healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals. Marketing will be adapted to habits of target customers, since they will be notified about the advantages of the new application via websites and forums with professional content, as well as via web pharmacies and social networks. Medication manufacturers will be an important partner of In Silico, as the company is planning to collaborate with them in order to ensure that the app will function professionally and independently. Thus In Silico’s products will be presented with all key professional and trustworthy information, which will help the CheckMeApp users to safely decide for their use or even purchase.

A telling slogan and invitation to collaboration

The app, revealingly introduced by the slogan “Check Me App – the best health help when a professional consultation isn’t possible”, is currently in the testing phase. Users can access it at the website or via a personal or tablet computer or a smartphone. Company In Silico is innovative in this phase of product development as well, as it actively prompts its users to try the application and contribute to its development with constructive criticism, so it will truly be able to satisfy all their needs and wishes. Company will also address the professional public and its key stakeholders in the same way, inviting them to participate and adjust the app to real problems of patients and the state of the healthcare industry. 



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