NERVteh, recipient of the SK50 investment, in talks with Google for testing autonomous driving!

/2.10.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
Slovenian-English startup NERVteh, recipient of the SK50 investment (Slovene Enterprise Fund’s 50,000 EUR convertible loan) is stringing successes! In September, they introduced themselves at the known Frankfurt motor show IAA more than visibly with their perfected Zetadrive driving simulator. And this summer, they started talks with the American giant Google to test for them, simulating driving in self-driving cars.

With their Zetadrive simulator, NERVteh introduced itself on the Frankfurt motor show IAA at the booth from company Akrapovič, Slovenian auto-moto giant for exhaust systems, and drew a lot of excitement from the media, visitors and experts for road drive simulations.

Perfected technology and design

The Zetadrive simulator is marked by sophisticated tech development with algorithms, with which NERVteh wishes to significantly improve road safety, machine learning and artificial intelligence in autonomous (self-driving cars), currently also developed the fastest by the American giant Google. Gigodesign and their accelerator DsgnFwd ensured the flawless design from Zetadrive, simulating forces working on the driver during the drive.

Zetadrive was also tried out by the DTM champion Marco Wittman on the IAA fair.
As the Business Daily Finance reported today in its attachment Manager, NERVteh started talks with Google about autonomous drive simulations this summer. “Research shows that people feel different when driving in a car without a driver, they’re nervous, some even feel sick. That’s why we also use biometrics, we monitor what the driver is looking at and monitor their brain activity with help of EEG,” said Jaka Sodnik from the Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering, also development leader in NERVteh.

Jaka Sodnik from the Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering, development leader in NERVteh. Photo: Manager/Finance.

According to NERVteh CEO Matej Vengust, talks with Google are still going on, so they can’t reveal more information for now.
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