Sources for financing startups

Start-up companies have different sources of financing available, depending on the stage of development (idea, prototype, growth…), business reach (regional or global) and the type of industry they are working in.


P2 grant and competition Start:up of the year

The Slovene Enterprise Fund’s tender P2 provides a 54,000 € subsidy to start-up companies with an innovative idea, with the purpose of developing a product in the span of two years. P2 are grant funds, transferred to the entrepreneur’s transaction account once a year, after a confirmed report on use of legitimate expenses. The P2 grant is connected to the competition Start:up of the year, where entrepreneurs can collect up to 25 points out of 100 possible in order to apply to the tender. More about the tender.

Other grants

Entrepreneurs also have other grants available for financing development and other business expenses, tendered by government agencies, funds, municipalities and other institutions. The amount of the awarded non-refundable funds and the percentage of co-financing depends on the tender. 

Equity financing 

SGH accelerator – a 50,000 € convertible loan

The accelerator is intended for innovative business teams with global ambitions and, in collaboration with the Slovene Enterprise Fund, provides a convertible loan in the amount of 50,000 €, experienced start-up mentors, a co-working work place, an excellent boot-camp programme and administrative help. More about the accelerator.

GG accelerator – a 200,000 € equity investment

The accelerator offers everything necessary for successfully starting fast global growth to companies that have already found their product-market fit: 200,000 € of capital, an excellent workshop for preparing for an investment and fast growth, a personal start-up mentor, comprehensive administrative help, use of infrastructure and active promotion at home and abroad. More about the accelerator

International accelerators

We have prepared a list of accelerators abroad with which we collaborate, while at the same time adding all those in which Slovenian start-ups have already been included in or are still a part of. They are mostly European and American accelerators offering diverse programmes, investment amounts, and a mentorship and partnership network. When choosing an accelerator you wish to enter, take the following into account: the target market, the industry that the accelerator specialises in, the network of partners and mentors. The initiative frequently organises preliminary workshops for applying to individual accelerators, so you should regularly check the event calendar and subscribe to news. See the list of accelerators

Business angels

Business angels are experienced individuals who use their knowledge, experiences, network of connections and capital to enter start-up companies and give them the so called “smart” capital to help them with development and fast growth. A business angel gets an ownership share in the company in exchange for the invested capital. They enter companies with an innovative product, experienced team, focus on the global market and the potential for fast growth. See the list of business angels.

Venture capital funds

Venture capital funds differ from business angels in the fact that they usually enter the company in the phase of fast growth and globalization. Capital investments are thus significantly larger from angel investments. The amount of the capital investment is suitable to the acquired equity share. They enter companies with an innovative product, experienced team, focus on the global market and the potential of fast growth. See the list of Slovenian funds of venture capital.  

Debt financing

Micro loans

Besides leasing, loans are the most frequent debt financing source, but due to their nature, they are less suitable for start-up companies. The Slovene Enterprise Fund uses tenders to offer micro loans in the amount of up to 25,000 €, meant to provide micro- and small companies with easier access to financial resources for financing growth and development of the company, investments and current business. The advantage of micro loans lies especially in simplified terms of approving state aid, lower interest rate, lower insurance requirements, longer loan maturity and the possibility of benefiting from payment deferment. More about micro loans.

Warranties for loans

Insuring bank loans with the warranties of the Slovene Enterprise Fund allows technologically innovative companies an easier access to a bank loan. The loan, insured with the fund’s warranty, is more favourable to companies because of lower insurance requirements, lower interest rates, longer loan maturity and the possibility of deferring payment upon returning the loan. More about the warranties.



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