The bible of the initiative… the leading national strategy

The Start:up Manifesto is the bible of the initiative. Prof Dr Miroslav Rebernik, Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Maribor), and Prof Dr Marko Jaklič, Faculty of Economics (University of Ljubljana), have written it in collaboration with colleagues from the Slovenian start-up ecosystem and passed it along to government representatives and other interested publics as the fundamental national strategy for establishing a successful support environment for innovative entrepreneurship.
The Start:up Manifesto defines key activities for establishing an internationally great support environment for start-ups in Slovenia. Examples of countries that have already developed successful start-up ecosystems show that the latter have the following elements in common:

  • systematic motivation and activation of business talents,
  • commercialization of knowledge and technologies,
  • encouraging company growth on the global market using their own connections across the world,
  • capital access,
  • activating various stakeholders as well as their coordinated and effective work.

Social goal 1000/150/50

The Start:up Manifesto contains a written proposal for a social goal, namely that until 2020 we in Slovenia will annually:
  • create 1000 new jobs in start-up companies,
  • create or attract at least 150 start-up companies with global potential,
  • connect at least 50 start-up companies with most important global ecosystems.

Start:up Manifesto in the Slovenian language in .pdf format (download).
Start:up Manifesto in the English language in .pdf format (download).  

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