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In the 20 years of its existence, company Press Clipping has developed into a leading regional agency for monitoring and analysing media publications and innovative “business intelligence” services.
Company Press Clipping was established in 1994 by Tatjana Novak and Boštjan Vilčnik, who had started thinking about the best way for measuring the effect of communication and public relations three years prior. The turning point for the launch of their own company was when they met the then secretary-general of the largest association of press clipping agencies FIBEP in Zürich, who took the time to advise the young beginners how to set the vision and take care of the growth and development of their company.

In-house tools also in demand from the competition

In the 20 years of its existence, Press Clipping has grown into the leading regional agency for monitoring and analysing media and the innovative “business intelligence” service. Four key strategic factors have contributed to this success, namely a professional and personal approach to clients, constant education, investments into the development of their own methodologies and tools for efficient implementation of services, as well as openness, collaboration and involvement in the partnership network, through which Press Clipping is also present in the Balkans. All partners for monitoring and analysing media use methodologies and tools developed by Press Clipping, and even competitive companies are asking after them.

Professional industry standards for the entire region

By constantly following trends in the field of communication and informing, as well as proactively monitoring the needs of the market and clients, Press Clipping has developed a wide range of services that set the professional standards of the press clipping industry not only in Slovenia, but in the entire region as well. They have perfected their activity in the field of measuring the efficiency of public relations with their own methods, which also include state-of-the-art tools such as Alexa Rating and Google PR due to the increasingly bigger importance of web communication. They introduced the evaluation model AVE (advertising value equivalent) in media analysis.

Development trump cards: eClip LIVE, CLIP Forensics, Report7

Via their mobile and web interface eClip LIVE, they have been pampering their clients for two years with a complete 24-hour overview of media happenings, including posts on social networks, upgraded with quick informing at any e-mail address. The innovative web tool doesn’t only ensure real time monitoring of publications and undisturbed access to archive articles, but also offers an easier and quicker way to search, sort, evaluate and analyse media publications. In the last few years, the company has been giving special attention to monitoring media from abroad, and uses its business partners and membership in the organisation FIBEP to ensure the monitoring of media from all across the world. A step further to ensuring a comprehensive, but at the same time a boutique and highly specialized offer, was taken this spring by introducing two new products in the field of “business intelligence” services, namely CLIP Forensics and Report7.

Covering 103 countries of the world with their own methodology

CLIP Forensics came into existence after three years of preparations and research, and covers 103 countries of the world with Press Clipping’s own methodology. Users who are searching for new business opportunities can use the tool to thoroughly research and verify data about their already existing or future business partners as well as gain insight into their financial situation and ownership or business connections in the economy and politics. By launching Report7, which provides a trustworthy way of documenting and saving records of assemblies, confidential meetings and councils of management staff, Press Clipping has also confirmed its status as a trustworthy partner of numerous clients. Amongst them are also esteemed domestic companies such as Petrol, BTC, Lek, Engrotuš, Bank of Slovenia, Telekom Slovenia and many others, as well as multi-national corporations, including P&G, Nike, Samsung, Dell, Adidas, Sony, Novartis, Henkel, MasterCard, Toyota, Fiat, Ford and others.

A more difficult and expensive, but optimal path in the long run

The company, which practically started from nothing, with rented computers, had invested all available resources into company development. The strategic decision to develop tools and software may have been the more difficult and expensive path, but it was the optimal one in the long run. Same applies for care of customers, for whom the team of Press Clipping notes more than nine thousand articles per day and sees to them in two shifts – the first employees come to their posts at four in the morning already, while the last ones leave at one in the morning. Clients also always have professional, prompt and nice support for reaching the set business and communication goals, with constant advising, educating and personal care.

Everything starts and ends with people

However, company Press Clipping has probably achieved the biggest profit with constant development and education of their staff, as well as the right combination of work methods from ten years ago with state-of-the-art technologies. Today, there are 22 full-time employees, and as many as 80 team members including regular external co-workers. All the employees and the vision of the leading duo Novak – Vilčnik thus present the best possible guarantee for keeping the leading position in the region. When further developing tools for monitoring and understanding media as well as when ensuring a unique user experience, what will most help them is the awareness that for many questions or problems of clients, an excellent application isn’t enough – a personal conversation with an expert is also needed, as everything starts and ends with people.


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Tatjana Novak
Boštjan Vilčnik
Innovative products
  • eClip LIVE
  • CLIP Forensics
  • Report7
Awards and recognitions
  • AMEC International Certificate in Measurement and Evaluation
  • PRO.PR Congress Certificate
  • Award for co-creating PR activities in Slovenia (from the Slovenian Public Relations Association)
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Media Intelligence Group
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Year of establishment: 1994